Frequently Asked Questions About Our MCAT Courses Online

How are classes delivered?
Classes are delivered live via Zoom.
What experience do you have?
Excelsium is a test prep program by and for medical students. Unlike most tutoring companies, we’ve all taken the exam in the past few years, so we know exactly what challenges you’re facing and how you're feeling.

All of our instructors scored above the 95th percentile and have collegiate tutoring or teaching experience on their resumes. We are here to help you prepare for and ace the MCAT, just like we did!
What MCAT subjects do you cover?
We’ll help you prepare for every science subject on the MCAT: physics, biochemistry, biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, psychology, and sociology. We’ll work through MCAT practice test questions and subject review lessons with an effective study schedule.

Plus, we cover test day tips, scoring advice, and time management strategies so you can answer every question with confidence.
Do you provide MCAT review books?
We do not offer MCAT Review Books as part of the course since it would raise the price of the course, and many students already have this resource. The students who don't already have books can find cheaper options from friends or online—remember, any review set published after 2015 will do just fine.
How do I know if Excelsium is right for me?
Excelsium provides the perfect MCAT course for the pre-med student that can use the accountability and guidance of a live MCAT class to enhance their studying. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with colleagues, ask your MCAT instructor questions and get live feedback. Plus, we made sure you have access to all the best practice material you’ll need in order to achieve your target score!
What happens if I have to miss a class?
No problem – simply email your instructor to let them know. Every 3-hour class is recorded on Zoom, so you can watch the session afterward and catch up on what you missed.

Of course, we strongly recommend attending each live session and prioritizing in-person attendance so that you can get the most out of your course experience.
How many students are enrolled in the group classes?
We keep each group small, with up to 10 students at a single time. This way, you’ll be able to engage with other learners and get one-on-one help from the instructor during each Zoom session.
I want access to UWorld for longer than 90 days. Can I get extended access?
Yes. Once you sign up for our course, you will receive a code that will make the 90-Day Qbank cost $0. If you choose a longer subscription, the 90-Day QBank value will be deducted, and you will only pay for the difference.
Do we go over homework?
Yes. The sessions are 2 hours long and are dedicated to lectures. The homework is accompanied by excellent explanations, which will clarify the vast majority of the questions. However, when students are still confused about particular questions/concepts on the homework, instructors can dedicate an additional 1 hour per session to tie any loose ends.
Do we get the presentation slides?
Yes! Students will have access to the presentations used in lectures for 6 months form the time of the first lecture.
Where can I find more information on your "Higher Score Guaranteed" and "High Score Reward" programs?
Please visit for all the information on these rewards and guarantees.
Do you offer a free trial?
Our first class is risk free! Come join us and if you decide to cancel before the second class you'll receive a full refund.
Why do your prices change and have countdown timers?
Our courses are discounted by default and reach their full price as the start date of the course approaches. This is done in order to encourage students to sign up in advance of the course start date. Knowing how many students we will expect in a class allows us to make all arrangements necessary for your class experience to be the best possible.
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