MCAT Course Info

We are offering unparalleled services for our future doctors at the most competitive rate on the market.

A 95th + percentile medical student will instruct you in an intimate study environment of no more than 10 students. This allows for individualized attention from the preceptor, meaningful student-to-student collaboration, and fosters deeper learning and engagement.

A Companion Course for Your Review.

In the 30-hours of live sessions, we will review all the highest-yield topics on the MCAT. You will have a standardized schedule for the entirety of the course and will know exactly what chapters to focus on in preparation for the class. All sessions are recorded and will be made available to you.

Homework and 90-Day Premium UWorld Access Included!

As part of your course experience, we will provide you with 3-months of access to UWorld! You will have homework assigned for each class, aligned with the material of the preceding lecture – ensuring that your newfound knowledge really sticks!

With your premium access you will receive 2,000+ premium MCAT-style questions that:
• Cover all topics tested by the MCAT
• Mimic the AAMC question format & test blueprint
• Teach critical reasoning skills required for the MCAT

One-of-a-kind explanations
• Everything you need to master all MCAT subjects
• Detailed rationales for all answer options
• Vivid illustrations to aid visual learning

Performance tracking
• Evaluate progress in each MCAT subject
• Identify weaknesses and improve skills
• Compare your performance with other users


Practice Makes Perfect!

There's no better way to improve your score than by practicing over and over again. However, what you use to practice matters! That's why we provide our students with 10 state-of-the-art Full-Length MCAT practice exams. By practicing with these exact exam simulations, the MCAT, and every aspect it encompasses, becomes second nature to Excelsium students.
Our Exams:
Created exclusively by doctors
02 Double-blind peer-reviewed
Come with clear explanations – both in writing and in video format
Difficulty standardized with actual students
Equated score scales ensure each practice exam is of similar difficulty
Matched to the blueprints of the AAMC questions
Our robust analytics track your performance by section, content category, question type, reasoning skill, topic, and even subtopic so you get data-based feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. We offer an unmatched combination of the best non-AAMC Full Length Exams and cutting-edge analytics that allow you to target and eliminate your weaknesses. That’s how you master the MCAT!